What is the SPICE DAO?

Investment Funds + Decentralisation = SPICE DAO

The SPICE DAO is an investment fund provider that leverages the benefits of decentralisation to create a community driven hub for on-chain investment funds.

So how exactly does SPICE DAO leverage decentralisation?

  1. Community ownership: The SPICE DAO issued a governance token called $SPICE. The holders of this token form the SPICE DAO and can govern the project and certain aspects thereof. The DAO may decide to launch a new index token, or change the methodology of an existing one, propose use of marketing budget, or any other topic for that matter.
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  2. Decentralising market making : By enabling interaction with the funds’ smart contracts, anyone can mint new index tokens by locking the underlying assets into the smart contract. Conversely, anyone can redeem the index token for its underlying constituents. This can act as a means to decentralise market making and correct any tracking error between the value of the underlying assets and the index token price.
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  3. Transparency: It is in the nature of on-chain products, that any and all transactions can be tracked, providing a perfect audit trail both for the $SPICE as well as the index products. This creates alignment of incentives and accountability between the community and the admins and gives full transparency of token movements, rebalancing transactions and more.
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