What is the SCIFI Index – $SCIFI?

$SCIFI is SPICE DAO’s first index product. $SCIFI is an actively curated, 100% physically backed fund representing small to mid cap tokens with high growth potential. The constituents for SCIFI are weighted according to their market cap and rebalanced on a monthly schedule through a hybrid process involving the team (Mission Control) and the SPICE DAO.

Every month, Mission Control draws on the knowledge and signals in its network to select two tokens that may be removed as well as eight tokens that may be added. This total list of ten tokens is presented to the DAO for voting. The 2 tokens that get the most votes will be added to the basket.

Contract address: 0xfdc4a3fc36df16a78edcaf1b837d3acaaedb2cb4

How can I get the $SCIFI?

The $SCIFI index token can be traded on any decentralised exchange. We recommend using the Uniswap Interface $SCIFI can also be minted by sending the constituent baskets as collateral to the $SCIFI smart contract. How to Mint and Redeem SCIFI.