What is the Galactic Blue Index – $GBI?

The Galactic Blue Index, or $GBI is SPICE DAO’s second index product. $GBI is a passive strategy index that represents “blue chip” projects from 7 of the cryptosphere’s most relevant verticals. GBI is an equally weighted, market cap driven fund, also rebalanced on a monthly schedule. As the strategy is fixed, there will not be monthly DAO interaction, however, the DAO may propose to change the methodology and include other assets.

The GBI’s constitutes are selected to represent the crypto / DeFi value stack. Each asset represents a different function within the ecosystem, where for instance Wrapped BTC represents Gold (store of value), UNI represents trading (the biggest Dex), $COMP represents Banking (lending) and so on.

Contract address: 0xcb67be5c54eab9462967ee3c03c35bfffeb801cd

How can I get $GBI?

The $GBI token can be purchased at any decentralised exchange. We recommend using the Uniswap Interface. Advanced users can also mint $GBI to realise arbitrage opportunities. Read up on the details here: How to Mint and Redeem GBI