What is $SPICE?

$SPICE is the governance token that enables the SPICE DAO. Every index launched by the SPICE DAO includes a fixed allocation of $SPICE, resulting in a natural appreciation of demand as the volume and number of indices grow. Besides enabling DAO governance through the submission and voting on proposals, the SPICE token enables true community ownership. It acts as a substitute for management fees and integrates SPICE index products with the SPICE DAO.

By including SPICE as a constituent in SPICE DAO’s physically-backed funds, with a fixed percentage, investors into the funds benefit from the growth of the fund provider. As the assets under management (AUM) grow, the demand for SPICE by the funds grows too, creating a positive growth loop, instead of raising fees that eat away at investors’ returns of the funds.

‘Don’t pay the fund provider, be the fund provider.’

This short video explains the logic with a simple example:

How can I get $SPICE?

$SPICE can be traded at any decentralised exchange. We recommend the Uniswap Interface

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:vulcan_salute: Thanks @r2d2

Great video and very well narrated!

Very good stuff team. Very simple to follow and shows the potential of the $SPICE Governance Token due to it’s inclusion in the index fund products!