SCIFI Rebalancing amendement

Dear Mission Crew,

Subsequent to nearly 1y to SCIFI in the market (and 372% return as of today), I would like to propose increased efficiencies for the indices in the context of the rebalancing frequency.

I would recommend to make amend rebalancing from monthly to quarterly.

  • reduce costs
  • reduce short term impact of underlying volatility
  • provide potentially higher returns.

As another user proposed for GBI, also some inputs from EvilCorp on this: Equity index rebalances

Any input/feedback appreciated.


The vote is now live:

Assuming a positive vote on the change of the SCIFI Index rebalancing frequency to quarterly, Mission Control will put the change in effect immediately so the next rebalancing event would take place on January 19th 2022.

Voting will end on November 1st

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