$GBI Index Overview

What is $GBI?

$GBI is a fully collateralised, passive strategy index that tracks some of the biggest large-cap digital assets in the crypto / DeFi value stack in one ERC-20 token.

What is the $SCIFI methodology?

Similar to the $SCIFI index, the $GBI is fully collateralised, meaning that the underlying assets are physically locked into the smart contract.

This means that $GBI can always be redeemed for its underlying assets. It can also be minted (created) by anyone by posting the underlying assets into the smart contract (more details below).

Rebalancing takes place once a month.


  • Compound ($comp)
  • Uniswap ($uni)
  • Maker ($MKR)
  • Wrapped Ethereum ($WETH)
  • Wrapped bitcoin ($WBTC)
  • Chainlink ($link)
  • Yearn finance ($Yfi)
  • Spice ($spice)


$SPICE has final utility: it acts as a substitute for management fees and integrates SPICE index products with the SPICE DAO.

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