#6 Rebalancing of the SCIFI Index, June 2021


Mission Control presents the list of potential new assets to remove and include in the SCIFI index token for the June 2021 rebalancing.


The SCIFI Index is an actively curated index, rebalanced on a monthly schedule. By opening the rebalancing decision to the DAO we are keeping in line with the core value proposition of the SCIFI index and following its methodology.


Mission Control will suggest two tokens to be removed and 8 potential additions to the index. The 10 assets will include the two tokens that Mission Control suggests removing, so that the DAO may choose to keep them in after all. The two assets with the most votes will be included. The voting is token weighted. The rebalancing will be implemented on the 21st of the month.

Current constitutes

$FRM - Ferrum Network (to remove)

$SUPER - SuperFarm (to remove)

$YF-DAI - YFDAI Finance

$FTT - FTX Token

$SUSHI - SushiSwap

$ROOK - KeeperDAO


$SNOW - SnowSwap

$PERP - Perpetual Protocol


Constitutes up for vote:

$FRM - Ferrum Network

$SUPER - SuperFarm

$CRV - Curve Finance

$BOR - BoringDAO

$LINK - ChainLink

$ATA - Automata

$GTC - Gitcoin

$QUICK - Quickswap

$CHR - Chromia

$HEGIC - Hegic


We propose the following timeline:

Today - Start of open discussion

16.06 - Proposal formalised and vote opened on Snapshot.page

18.06 - End of vote and communication of results

21.06 - Execution of rebalancing

Interesting to see $LINK included as a possible constituent. Longterm outlook for LINK is very strong. There is a strong case to be made that it is extremely undervalued where it is right now after the market correction erased 60% of its value from ATH. Fundamentally little has changed, so it would seem that the potential growth prospects are worth considering. Interesting for me would be to know what % of the index the holdings will be after this next vote. Often times the community tokens are only 1-2% of the index

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Currently the index allotment for FRM is 2.73% and super is 7.87%. Also during the last vote we voted on including Perp which was roughly 17% of 1.5-2 million. So that was a weighty vote put to the DAO.

As I am looking, I think ATA. and GIT look good. Link does look good from a fundamental perspective and it could end the Bull run around $100 if we see a euphoric market.

Thank you all for your opinions, the vote is now live!

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End of vote and results on June 18, 2021

Rebalancing execution on June 21, 2021

:round_pushpin: The 6th SCIFI Index rebalancing vote is over!

The SPICE DAO has spoken and the two new constitutes that will be part of the SCIFI Index have been chosen:

:sparkles:$GTC – Gitcoin, with 78.26% of the votes, is the first of the two tokens to join $SCIFI. GTC is the governance token of Gitcoin ecosystem, collectively working to fund the next generation of public goods. GitcoinDAO aims to be the best place to collectively build and fund digital infrastructure. Welcome aboard, $GTC.

:sparkles:$LINK - Chainlink with 19.74% of votes is second to join $SCIFI. Chainlink is the industry standard oracle network that greatly expands the capabilities of smart contracts by enabling access to real-world data and off-chain computation while maintaining the security and reliability guarantees inherent to blockchain technology. Welcome $LINK!

Rebalancing execution will happen on June 21, 2021